Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Short Update...

Some people have been asking me how things are going thyroid-wise and moving forward with our embryo adoption, so I thought I'd give everyone a quick update.

Up until yesterday, we've just been waiting. I started taking thyroid replacement meds about five and half weeks ago now. (For those who missed the last post and are confused, click here to find out about my Hashimoto's Disease diagnosis.) Like I said before, we were told it would take weeks to months to really take effect and help get my hormone levels back within normal range.

I went ahead and got a blood test done exactly four weeks after starting the meds since I've been anxious to hear how the meds were helping. I should have had the results back within a day or two, but just like everything we've done so far, more waiting than planned was involved (God really is teaching me some patience these days!) My doctor was out of town for the week, so I was not able to receive the results until she was in the clinic and had read them. So ten days after the blood test, I finally heard back.

My levels are still not within normal range, which is disappointing, but they are progressing towards the correct ranges. So, basically, I'm getting better, but I'm not there yet. The doctor decided to increase my dosage three days a week and she thinks this will get me on track and within normal ranges by July. July is important because that is when the next FET cycle is offered by our clinic. They only do eight cycles a year and they don't do any in June. So we already knew, even if my levels were back to normal by now, we still would have to wait until July for our first cycle anyway.

So, at this point we are waiting. Again. Still. Waiting isn't fun, but you know, seriously, with all the waiting we've been doing, I really have learned to deal with it. I truly am feeling ok with things right now. I want God's timing to be what leads us through this process, not my blundering human rushing around, so I'm thankful He's in control and helping us down this path. (Now check with me next month after I check my levels again and make sure I'm still feeling this way. Give me a good reminder if I'm not! Gotta keep me accountable, people.)

Please pray for us through it all and specifically that my medication is doing what it's supposed to. Thank you!

P.S. I realize this blog is called Sweet Kinsley Girl and it's supposed to be about her. I apologize that it's morphed into more than that. I promise my next post will be very soon and it will be all about her. :)

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  1. Hey Caroline! I love catching up on how sweet Kinsley and your family is doing. Still hope I can one day get to reconnect with you and meet her in person. I love the way her eyes light up and smile in her photos. So cute. Really enjoyed reading the things she loves to do and will get to do with you this summer. Swinging sounds like so much fun! I was wondering Caroline is the motion sickness you get somethign that has happened post giving birth? I get horrid motion sickness now. I can only sit on a swing for so long before it affects me. Sitting in the back of a bus (though my boys love it) and even short rides in the car do me in. Will keep your sweet little one in our thoughts. We still have her photo on our fridge, Ronan was commenting on the cute baby girl yesterday. Might need update that photo. ;) Love you guys and all the best this summer. x