Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Some Prayer Requests

Some big, new things are coming up for Kinsley in the next few days and I wanted to share them with you all, requesting that you keep each item in your prayers.

First, Kinsley will have her first ever dental appointment. While this isn't normally something big, for Kinsley it is. I've avoided it for a long time now, but at 4 years old, I think it's time she's finally gone.

There are several reasons why it's a worry and why I'd like your prayers. First, Kinsley has had some oral aversions in the past. She didn't like anyone to try to get in her mouth other than herself. However, her speech therapist has helped with this and she now tolerates someone else's hands in her mouth much better than she did in the past. However, I'm still not sure she'll allow it long enough for an actual dental exam. So, pray that she will.

I'm also worried about her teeth for two reasons. First, she has acid re-flux. This can harm the enamel on teeth, so I'm worried about what we'll find there. Second, if you've spent any extended amount of time with her then you know that Kinsley likes to grind her teeth for fun. She thinks it sounds or feels wonderful (it doesn't sound wonderful btw). So, after years of doing this for fun, I don't know really how much it's hurt her teeth or really what if anything the dentist will want to do to help the issue. We shall see.

The second big event Kinsley has coming up is an evaluation for a communication device! On Friday of this week, during her speech therapy session, she will be observed and evaluated on her use of PECS (Picture Exchange Card System). That combined with her fine motor and visual abilities will be evaluated to give us some ideas and options for an electronic communication device. There are hundreds of different devices and/or apps available for this type of thing, so someone knowledgeable on many of those devices will be doing the evaluation and then giving her opinion on which types she think could work for Kinsley.

This is a very exciting step forward for Kinsley's communication. PECS are great, but are limited by the number of pictures you have laminated and ready to go. With something electronic, you can store thousands of pictures and add new ones in seconds which will be much better.

So, please pray for this process to go well, for Kinsley to show her abilities well on Friday, and for wise decisions all around.

The last event I would like prayers for is for Botox injections. Kinsley had this procedure done once about three years ago. She will again be receiving Botox injections in her eyes. The Botox will help straighten her inward crossing. Just like the last time, the Botox is temporary. The hope is that while she is temporarily having corrected vision, her brain will see how this works better and then when the Botox wears off, her brain will not cause the crossing anymore and will keep her eyes straightened.

We are aware that this procedure is not guaranteed to work, but then neither is eye muscle surgery which is the other option she has for correcting her crossing. The injections are much less invasive than surgery which is why we're willing to try it. She will be sedated for the injections, so pray the sedation works and is easy on her.

This will be the last time we try Botox though. I'd really love for this to help improve her vision (the crossing effects her depth perception), so please pray this is successful!

I'd love to share more about our sweet girl, but don't have time at the moment. But she is continuing to grow, learn and improve every day. We're so proud of this sweet girl!

P.S. Snowflake Baby Boy is doing great too!